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For Natural Body Center IPS, our reason for being is our patients, their comprehensive treatment that allows achieving a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that we promote. Therefore, in this constant search for resources and tools that facilitate this achievement, we are pleased to share the launch of the NBC Emotional Health Program.

Do you eat without hunger regularly?
Do you usually eat when you experience emotions such as sadness or anxiety?
Do you feel guilty afterward?

Emotions influence our way of eating, and food also has an influence on how we feel. The problem arises when food is used as a way to manage unpleasant emotions or as a way to avoid facing certain situations.

When we feel anxious, with worries of some kind, with fears about the future or about something, the brain seeks answers to mitigate or reduce these feelings of insecurity. And one of the most primitive ways in which our brain seeks a false relief (even if temporary) is through food.

What is the difficulty?
That when the stomach is empty, anxiety returns, and the problem is still there.

This Emotional Health program will help you understand how emotional eating works. You will learn strategies to manage the emotions that cause the impulse to eat without hunger. But, above all, the greater motivation is that the better you are inside (at an emotional level), the more you grow as a person, the more you increase your confidence and the more you believe in yourself, everything will flow as it should. That will be the best of satisfactions to improve in all aspects of your life.

You will learn what Anxiety is, how it manifests and its effects, to identify the relationship between negative emotions and thoughts, to modify thoughts to manage negative emotions. We will train in skills that serve to effectively manage the problems of everyday life. Also teach healthy lifestyle habits and their importance. Our seminar – workshop modality will help you incorporate mindfulness into your diet, providing you with health, well-being, and self-knowledge. Differentiating, knowing the concept of “emotional hunger” and differentiating it from physical-real hunger can help you improve your relationship with food and your mood and achieve a healthy weight.

You will learn to identify bodily sensations, make conscious choices, debunk myths, bring your full attention to what happens around you with food, with what happens around you, undo those automatic and repetitive thoughts and that increase the cycle of guilt and anxiety for food.

Our proposal includes:

  • The experience and learning of more than 20 years in the comprehensive approach to the problem of overweight and obesity (overweightness) of Natural Body Center.
  • Brochures with summarized information.
  • Dynamics.​
  • Exercises.​
  • A relaxation space, in an environment of connection, listening, learning.

This emotional health program is for you if you are in search of improving your mood, health, well-being; you have come to our NBC metabolic regulation program and wish to change your eating habits in a sustainable and comprehensive way, develop a healthy lifestyle. This is the time to make the decision to think about yourself integrally.