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Lose Weight and Recover your Health

Natural Body Center​ IPS

Our reason

They are the patients who come in search of solutions to lose weight naturally, improve their quality of life, self-esteem and personal image. We provide comprehensive medical services aimed at the promotion, prevention and treatment of Overweight disease (overweight-obesity) with Auriculotherapy.

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How to lose weight naturally?

Our services

Metabolic Regulation Medical Treatment

Reeducation and regulation of metabolism using Auriculotherapy and feeding cycles.

Young Body

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary program for the management of overweight and obesity in children and youth.

Esthetic Medicine
& Spa

Clinics Specialized in Comprehensive Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging have been designed to achieve balance and harmony between health and beauty.

Why choose us?

Advantages of our weight loss treatment

  • Treatment developed and supervised by specialized doctors.
  • Medical treatment to lose weight naturally.
  • Obtaining results from the first week.
  • Metabolic regulation and re-education.
  • Gain of adequate eating habits.
  • It contributes to the normalization of cardiovascular indicators and the control of physical and psychological diseases.

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Emotional Health Program

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Hola mi nombre es Ginna Marcela Pinilla Caro, inicie mi proceso en Natural en febrero del presente año recomendado por una paciente la cual también le vi el cambio y me anime hacerlo.
Ginna Marcela Pinilla Caro
Mi nombre es Yesenia Osorio, tengo 21 años y soy de Pereira, Risaralda. Les escribo porque quisiera dar mi testimonio y contarles mi proceso con el tratamiento en Natural Body Center.
Yesenia Osorio
Soy Stefany Ballestero tengo 25 años y asisto a NBC Cartagena. Hoy les quiero compartir este logro que me hace sentir orgullosa, feliz y segura de mi misma.
Stefany Ballestero

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