How to do your metabolic regulation treatment and not die trying?

Before we begin, we must understand that if we compare the treatment to a diet, we are going to fail.

Why do I say this?

If we look for the definition of diet, for the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language the meaning is as follows: “Set of substances that are regularly ingested as food”. In other searches we find that: “A diet is the amount of food and drinks that are provided to an organism in a period of 24 hours, regardless of whether or not it meets its nutritional needs”.

As I will show you, the two definitions I place are far from resembling the treatment I want to talk about.

he point with which I want to start is explaining why if we make this comparison we are wrong from the start, and that is that diets were created with the aim of losing weight quickly and selling; but they forget how the body can become unbalanced as a result of them, additionally once you abandon any type of diet you will regain your weight in the blink of an eye.

Unlike conventional diets that promise you to lose weight miraculously, this treatment proposes to restart and reorder your body so that you can eat everything without gaining your weight again, but first we have to adapt and regulate it, that is, we have to teach it how it has to metabolize food.

I don’t know if you know but our bodies due to bad habits have developed a metabolism of reserve, that is, when we eat our body metabolizes the nutrients, uses what we need to convert into energy and the rest it stores in the adipose tissue as fat (this I learned researching and I verified it later in Natural Body Center), although in reality we should have a survival metabolism, that is, that we metabolize the nutrients of the foods into energy but we should not store anything.

That’s why I want to tell you my story and explain what the treatment is from my point of view as a patient and about what I have learned because I had problems with overweight and to this day I can eat all kinds of dishes, (obviously without excesses) achieving to maintain my weight, this because I am about to close my stabilization cycle, which is finally what the treatment seeks; because it is not just about losing weight and that’s it, but they teach you to maintain yourself, eating healthily.

How did I manage not to fail?

I confess that the process was not easy, but I can say that I understood what this treatment does and I want to explain it to you with my own words, so that you can realize and experience the joy that I feel today.

Since I was a child I have had terrible eating habits, my breakfast as a child was a glass of Coca Cola, sometimes with packages of chips, or industrialized products like sweet cookies, or any junk food and we are talking about just breakfast.

Lunch to not go into details was anything quick: we talk about hamburgers, pizzas, occasionally I ordered meat or something like that and they always came accompanied by a myriad of flours like: French fries, yucas, arepas, etc.

And in the food not to mention, I always pecked at anything I found in the house, I have to highlight that there were rarely fruits or vegetables and mainly had little packages or things easy and quick to eat.

Now that you know how I fed you will understand how difficult it was to change all these harmful behaviors, but before continuing I will give you my explanation of what I understand is the treatment of metabolic regulation:

Process by which your body is reset, it is restarted and it is taught again how it should assimilate food, you must clean it from the inside so that it forgets how bad it is metabolizing food, itis like when you format a computer, you must reinstall the programs one by one, but you cannot do it in disorder, that is, you cannot install a game emulator without first installing the operating system and for me that is the treatment, because it is the way, in which your body processes food what you must restore, once restored you go little by little installing what you like: game applications, programs and others.

Our bodies have been programming themselves badly; everything I ate, even if it was little, made me gain weight! 


As I was telling you, when eating so badly my body generated a metabolic memory in which the easiest thing to store is sugar, because your brain loves sugar and when your cells have taken enough for it, the easiest thing is to store the rest and how do they store it? first they start sending it to your tissues, then things get a little complicated because they start gathering it in your organs; something known as visceral fat that is what really damages you from the inside.

We know that metabolism is a cycle, but how does it work?

Some of the things we eat have different degrees of complexity, that is, it is not the same to eat bread, than to eat only vegetables, because these are metabolized differently, because there are more nutrients in vegetables; in that order of ideas these nutrients are better used by the body.

Change habits or continue storing everything you eat in a disordered way

That’s how I did it and I was learning to distinguish food groups, to really manage my meal times better and finally not to gorge myself on things that didn’t contribute anything to my body apart from a momentary and fleeting sensation of happiness.

Since I entered the treatment for the first and only time (I hope), I have lost 15.8kg and you can’t imagine how different I am and how I feel now. The truth is that you must set a goal and visualize yourself, also to follow the food guide you just have to be creative.

And if I sin?

I must admit that at some point I sinned, but unlike what I thought “that doesn’t matter” the damage was for me, because my process was lengthened a bit as a result of that. To err is human, but if you really want to have results in time you cannot cheat your body, you can deceive your doctors but you will know that you messed up and you will realize that even if you do not confess it the cycle can be damaged.

Only you decide what to do with your body
I decided! Since then I appear in videos telling my testimony and people really see me differently. I’m not talking about being chubby being bad, but seriously from being overweight all your life and that after making the decision you can change your habits and recover your health and your normal weight, it’s priceless.

My idea in this article is that you understand and see this treatment as a mechanism of reprogramming more than as a diet, because I swear I tried a thousand diets and I could never do any, the stimulus received by Auriculotherapy really influences.

I never thought I could stop drinking Coca Cola and you see that I achieved it, now you can achieve everything you set out to do, you just have to be creative and remember that only you are responsible for your actions. Don’t blame the treatment if you don’t do it consciously, because I did it and I give you my word that it works.

I wish you success if you want to start your treatment, it’s worth it! but I don’t want to generate false expectations, because the only person who can make it work is you, strictly following all the guidelines of your doctor.

Greetings, don’t forget to share.

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