Childhood obesity is characterized by the excessive accumulation of fat in adipose tissue, particularly in adipocytes (fat cells), which is noticeable by an increase in body weight.

Children have the great advantage of having a young metabolism that properly assimilates and takes advantage of food, which is why most children who gain weight do so due to a lack of healthy habits (inadequate nutrition and sedentary lifestyle), and a very small percentage have some undiagnosed hormonal problem or underlying pathologies. It is important to understand that obesity is not inherited, there is no gene that transmits it (still under study), what exists is the transmission of poor eating habits from generation to generation and erroneous beliefs such as “if the child is chubby, they are healthier and stronger.”

In children, it is important to educate them to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid overweight and obesity, knowing that this disease has many negative repercussions at the psychosocial and health level. The good news is that at this stage of life it is PREVENTABLE, everything starts from the example at home, facilitating that the little ones adopt good lifestyles that can last over time.

Natural Body Center has created a comprehensive program, with the beautiful commitment to help many families find a solution together to this problem that is increasing greatly worldwide. The Young Body Center program, along with Auriculomedicine (Auriculotherapy), seeks to holistically sensitize and promote healthy lifestyle habits that impact not only a child, but their family and environment with doctors, psychologists, parent training, cooking workshops, and physical activity.

The Medical Treatment of Metabolic Regulation, has two important pillars, it uses Auriculomedicine and changes in nutrition, it consists of the stimulation of different points that we find in the ear known as cartogram, from there a positive stimulus is made to systems or organs that helps us regulate metabolism, generating an adequate metabolic memory that when returning to eat all types of foods, the metabolism can assimilate and take advantage of them in a better way without gaining weight again.

We must be constant in reminding children which are the foods that help their metabolism stay healthy such as: fruits, legumes, proteins and some carbohydrates, which provide the sufficient nutrients that our body needs (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc) and teach how to control refined carbohydrates such as: pasta, bread, cakes, ice creams that can alter the functions of metabolism again; this added to the recommendation to perform physical activity, a proper management of meal times, sleep enough for the age, control of emotions and a lot of love.

The earlier a weight alteration in the child is detected, it can be treated and have better results, that is why Natural Body Center I.P.S invites you to join the commitment to give our children the opportunity to have a better future.

Consequences of overweight in children:

  • Joint alterations.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Difficulty practicing sports because it is hard for them to breathe and they get tired quickly.
  • Early puberty.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol).
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Type II diabetes mellitus.
  • Depression.

Dr. Lorena Ospina

Alternative Therapies Doctor Medical Director Natural Body Center I.P.S

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